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Beef Ribs Spice Kit
Beef Ribs Spice Kit

Beef Ribs Spice Kit

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Not Without Spice - Beef Ribs Spice Cooking Kit.

Having a barbie with the mates, well this is for you. Not Without Spice’ Beef Ribs Cooking Kit is a mate pleaser, dad pleaser or meat lover pleaser. With sticky spicy beef ribs that falls apart in your hands, you’ll be sure to make a impression.

How to Use:

You can do this in the slow cooker when you don't have time to use the barbeque. You can have it with chunky chips and sour cream. A meat lovers dream.

* Made from Gluten Free ingredients
* Sugar Free
* Salt Free
* Dairy Free

You receive the recipe on the back of the packet with what you’ll need.

Ingredients: coriander, oregano, cumin, smoked paprika, garlic, pepper, cayenne. 

weight: 30grams

Disclaimer: This product is made in small batches by hand for freshness. There may be colour variations each batch. Packaging may vary from pictured, especially around Christmas.