Chilli Honey

Chilli Honey

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Not Without Spice - Chilli Honey

Our spiced honeys are made from raw honey produced from our hives in the Blue Mountains. It is infused together with hot chilli flakes. This will warm the coldest of hearts.

* 300g glass jar - can reuse or recycle jar once finished
* Gluten Free
* Sugar Free
* Salt Free 
* Diary Free
* Raw Honey - No heat treating, filtered once.

This is our naughty honey, even though honeys good for you this is the one to drizzle over soft cheese. Yes, honey and cheese it to die for. You can also use it in stir fries and cooking but really just get that brie, camembert or blue cheese and drizzle away. Delicious!

I am a beekeepers daughter as my father has been keeping bees for over 30 years and we have come together to create these spiced honeys. 

ingredients: raw Australian honey and Chilli 

Disclaimer: This product is made in small batches by hand for freshness. There may be colour variations each batch. Packaging may vary from pictured, especially around Christmas.