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Mulled Wine Spice Kit with Spiced Cardamon Honey

Mulled Wine Spice Kit with Spiced Cardamon Honey

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Not Without Spice ready to go Mulled Wine Spice Kit is made from Cinnamon, Cardamon, Cloves, Dried Orange Peel and star anise.

Not Without Spice - Cardamon Honey 

Infused into your favourite bottle of wine, simmered on the stove to warm your soul. 

You can use, red wine, apple cider, or white wine

For alchole free version try, non alchohlic wine, cranberry juice, apple juice. 

What you get: 50g Spice Packet with recipe and a 90g Jar of Cardamon Spiced Honey


Bulk Pack 

How to use: Add into a saucepan with wine, Cardamon Honey, water. recipe is included.  

Ingredients:  cinnamon, cardamon, clove, orange peel.

Storage &  Shelf live: Store in Pantry, 12 month shelve life, Check the label for more details.

Disclaimer: This product is made in small batches by hand for freshness. There may be colour variations each batch. Packaging may vary from pictured, especially around Christmas.